PhD University of Helsinki, Finland

  • 2019 Doctoral thesis: Adaptations of the Turkana Basin pigs (Suidae) to changing environments in the Plio-Pleistocene: tooth wear, diets and habitats

  • Paleobiology and paleontology

  • Department of Geosciences and Geography

  • Instructors: Prof. Mikael Fortelius and Dr. Indre Zliobâite


MSc University of Helsinki, Finland

  • 2015 Pro Gradu: Kokeellinen hampaiden kulumistutkimus : Eri ruokavalioista aiheutuva kiilteen mikrokuluminen (Experimental study of tooth wear: enamel microwear by different diets)  

  • Paleobiology and paleoclimatology

  • Department of Geosciences and Geography

  • Instructors: Prof. Mikael Fortelius and Aleksis Karme



BSc University of Turku, Finland

  • 2012 Bachelor's thesis: Kasvien leviäminen Suomessa Veiksel-jääkauden interglasiaalien aikana (Spreading of land plants in Finland during interglasials of Weichsel iceage)
  • Geology, advanced ecology as a minor
  • Department of Geology
  • Instructor: Prof. Matti Räsänen

Other education and certificates


2019 Esports game admin (SEUL)

2015 First aid certificate (Red Cross Finland)
2012 Hygiene pass (Evira)
2009 Kendo instructor (level 1), SLU: The basics of physical exercise, level 1 (15h) and LiikU: Body and food maintenance for athlete (4h)
2008 Nuori Suomi: Sports manager (3h) and The basics of exercise of children and young people (8h)
2007 B-driving license
2006 4H-catsitter  (22h) and 4H-club mentor (14h)
2005 4H-dogsitter (41h)