Board gaming


Board gaming is a fun way to relax and enjoy face to face time with other people. I like both casual board gaming and more hardcore board gaming. Good board games challenge yourself to think strategically and teach you to change your actions and tactics in consequence of your opponents actions.

In addition, I play card games and table top rpg if there is a chance.



Video gaming


Video games have been in my life since my childhood. I enjoy a variety of games, but tycoon and simulation games are my all  time favourites. Recent years I have mostly played CS:GO (~3300h), the only fps game I enjoy because of its simplicity and reliance for quick thinking, reflexes and team work. I am also an esports fan, I like to watch Counter Strike and Starcraft 2 pro matches. I have acquired Finnish Esports Association's esports admin licence, and I do volunteer esports admin work. Additionally, I do CS:GO live observing. 

My all time favourite games are (in no order): The Sims -series, Sim City 3000 and Sim City 4, Zoo Tycoon 2, Planet Zoo, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Rocket League, Divinity Original Sin 1 & 2, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas



Art and handcrafts


I have always been a handcrafter, I like to plan, draw and tinker. As a school kid, I was in art focused class for 6 years. I especially like 3D drawing and doing 3D handcrafts. During recent years, I have found joy in making makramee knotting and crocheting. In addition, with a Quest 2 virtual reality headset, I have found an addictive way of doing art with 3D painting applications.





Nowdays, I mostly go to gym or jogging for physical training. I like to do boxing and I have a background for three years of intensive Muay Thai training. I also have black belt (1. dan) in kendo, but I had to stop the training because of vocal chord stroke. Additionally, I play very casual floorball. 

Volunteer work


11/2021 Rocket League Casual Head admin, Assembly Casual Weekend

3/2021 Rocket League Casual Head admin, Assembly Winter

3/2021 Head of Casual Esports, Assembly Winter

10/2020 Rainbow Six Siege Casual Head admin, Assembly Online Summer

06/2020 Stream management for virtual Summer meeting, Finnish Virtual Reality Association 

04/2020 Stream management for virtual Spring meeting, Finnish Virtual Reality Association 

02/2020 Rainbow Six Siege Casual Head admin, Assembly Winter

11/2019 Rainbow Six Siege Casual Head admin, GameXpo

9/2019 Board game librarian, Lautapelaamaan2019

8/2019 Rainbow SIx Siege Casual admin, Assembly Summer

5/2017 Organizer of South England excursion, Kurtén Club

7/2014 Cloakroom worker, Ropecon 

11/2012 Cafeteria worker, Nordic Muay Thai Championships

3/2011 Head of organizing, Finnish Iaido and Jodo Championships

4/2010 Ticket office worker, Conklaavi

9/2010 Jubilee committee member, Pulterit 50 years

5/2009 Cloak room worker, Conklaavi

5/2009 Match Show organizer and referee (junior handlers), Turun 4H Match Show

5/2008 Volunteer, European Kendo Championships

Positions of responsibility


2023- Assygames Team Lead, Assembly Organizing

2023- FIVR board member

2021- Chairperson of Suomen paleontologinen seura 

2021-2022 Head of Casual Esports, Assembly Organizing

2017-2020 Building Association, Suunnistajankuja 8

2015-2018 Head of Kurtén Club 

2014 Student union board member, Vasara ry

2013 Tutor leader and hostess, Vasara ry

2013 Treasurer, kendo club Rendaino

2012-2014 Building Association, Kurkimäentie 19

2011-2012 Chairperson, kendo club Rendaino

2009-2012 Kendo instructor and mentor, kendo club Rendaino

2008-2010 Kendo and junior representative, kendo club Rendaino

Jättikokoisen Carcassonnen pelaamistaJättikokoisen Carcassonnen pelaamista
Assembly Summer pelituomareiden alue, jossa tuomarit tietokoneillaanAssembly Summer pelituomareiden alue, jossa tuomarit tietokoneillaan